VT2000 Sites Annotated

The links below are to web sites created by VT2000. All are quite different and will give you a very good of idea of the wide variety of design available to you. Note: These links open in a new window (or tab). And thanks for visiting!

All-device Sites

VT2000 Technical Services VT2000: The one you are currently on!
Vermont Peak Properties Site Vermont Peak Properties, LLC Redesigned in 2012 and reworked in 2013 for all devices. Their area of operation is northern Vermont and their properties near the Canadian border are spectacular. They have been working with VT2000 since 2008.
Meta Strick's Site Artist: Meta Strick This was an exciting site for me to do because I was able to photograph some of her work, and lucky enough to have a group of her sketchbooks together to get the image that backs the navigation section of the site.

Standard Sites

Vermont H'Art
Artist: Shanley Triggs Major redesign of the Vermont H'Art site for better image presentation and to organize the prints by subjects. The end result allows for easier visitor navigation and for easy adding of images.
Bonny Willet Site Artist: Bonny Willett Recently done site for Randolph artist, Bonny Willett, a sculptor and watercolorist.
www.greenmountainpaino.com Green Mountain Piano I first designed their site a number of years ago, and after a few years of phenomenal growth, they wanted much added to it and I suggested a complete re-design. Web standards and aesthetics are moving targets and it is important to refresh even the most static of web sites every few years.
Art Button Works Art Button Works This is a commerical site that showcases and sells one-of-a-kind designer buttons online. The gallery pages pull buttons and information about them from a web database; this makes addition of buttons and data extremely fast.
Artist's Page Artist: Karen Linduska I did this site for this Illinois Fine Art Quilter as a sub-contractor for an Illinois design firm. A slide show moves the work across the screen and each image in the show is "clickable" for a larger version.
Ishaya Sanskrit Home page Ishaya Sanskrit Site supporting the study of Sanskrit, with an emphasis on using it as a meditation tool. This was done many years ago and has not yet been updated, but it still functions perfectly. (Created for my step-son!)
Artist's Site Artist: Clair Dunn This is the site for my own Vermont-based Stock and Fine Art Photography. The main purpose of this site is to showcase my images, background, and capabilities and to provide information for jurors, gallery owners, and stock agencies.
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