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Site Takeover

Are you working with a web design service that is not making you happy, or is not responding fast enough, or is costing you too much? I can work with your existing site to modify it, redesign it, or make any kind of corrections and changes to it. You will find VT2000 extremely fast and responsive to your needs. The service I provide, you can afford!

Web Banners

Are you advertising on other sites using banners? I can quickly give you well-designed banners that will punch your message out. The cost: $50 for 3 banner designs. You pick the one you want.

Web Site Consulting

Already know how to put up a web site? Do you need help with content writing, design elements, site performance? I can work with you to fine tune the site for accurate content and maximum performance.

Web Site Maintenance

Would you like to take the care and feeding of your site off your to-do list? I can be on call for you seven days a week. Just give me the changes and forget about them. Your work is done and your site is updated.

Private Instruction on Web Site Maintenance

Would you like to get rid of maintenance charges? In the world of small-business, small charges still take a bite out of your bottom line. If you have your own server, or site already established, for a one-time expenditure, I can teach you to take care of your site. You'll then have the ability to modify your site 24/7 without waiting for, or paying for someone else to do it. I can teach you everything you need to know to take care of your site. All of the tools you need to do it are free. You just need to know how to use them.


Are you great at the details of your own business but weak on presenting what you can do? I can put your ideas into clear, error-free copy that explains what you want your customers to know about your business.

Copy-editing and Proof-reading

If you are paying money to advertise in your local outlets, you want to make sure what goes out is accurate. You are trying to acquire clients; mistakes in your copy will make them have second thoughts: if you don't care enough about your own business to achieve accurate copy, how much will you care about results for your customer?  Return to Top

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