The Fine Print

VT2000 is owned by Clair Dunn who is also the designer. The internet was in its infancy in 1995 when Clair signed up for two seminars at the International Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA - Montreal). One of these was conducted by the author of the first book ever published on web design: World Wide Web Design Guide by Stephen Wilson.

Prior to this time Clair was a typographer and graphic designer who worked with national companies such as French Paper Company, U.S. Robotics, and Selmer Music Corporation.

Today the field of web design is enormous and no one person can do it all and do it well, so Clair concentrates on creating web sites that are well-designed, adhere to web standards, and deliver a message cleanly and with flawless functionality.

VT2000 does not do point of sale websites, but rather concentrates on information and service sites. Logos are a special area of design, requiring considerable typographic skills and VT2000 excels in logo design.

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