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Clair Dunn, Fletcher, Vermont 849.2747
Associate Member, Piano Technicians Guild

Pianos which have been sold
by Clair's Piano Service in the past.

Ludwig 1913 SN: 84075. SOLD. Orignal finish on this piano is still deep, rich, and glowing. Very unusual. Another one-family owner. I've only seen one other Ludwig in my career, though I've always heard they were excellent pianos. Well, this one certainly is. Even the back is unblemished, with the fallboard key still hanging on its ribbon, just as it was delivered in 1913. The case has suffered only a few minor scratches. It is a deep, reddish mahogany with perfect ivories. The music desk is subdued with recessed ovals on either side of a rectangle. The legs are round. A very handsome piano. The bass is strong and rich. When it has its new strings, hammers, and dampers it will be marvelous. $3650.

Knabe Rosewood SOLD. Splendid example of the very best in pre-1900 American piano production. A full 58" tall, the sound of this instrument is commensurate with that height. The case is in absolutely amazing condition with only a very small chip on the inside of the left toe and a very dim fog spot on the top of the top lid. Perfect ivory keys. This is indeed a rare specimen of the breed. The original finish is still clear, rich, and glowing. And a closer look. The piano has a more golden cast than these pictures indicate. (A piano shop is not a photography studio!) $4750 delivered in my area.

Wing & Son New information: FIVE-Pedal Model SOLD. This is another Wing & Son gem. Extra pedals operate a harpsichord attachment and a mandolin attachment. The fifth pedal is missing, but both mechanisms are intact. This is indeed a rare beast. When you find one of these, often one or more the extra mechanisms are missing. Case is in pretty good condition and will clean up very nicely. Ornate, with double pillars on the legs. Medium dark. The ivories are a problem. I think I will let the buyer choose what I'm to do: exactly half are chipped or missing. I can replace the missing ones with equally good ivory but it is a lot of work. A standard keytop replacement job comes with the price of the piano. If you want the missing ivories replaced with ivory, that will cost more; it's a finicky job to get them to feel right. So, if you want ivories, add $300 to the price of the piano. Also, for those of you who may have read this before, the price is higher because I have discovered that the mandolin attachment is intact and replacing the missing pedal will be interesting! The case has no major damage to it. The music desk needs a bit of fiddly work to make it look nice, but easily done. The main trim on the piano is a very nice molding around the top, around the keybed, and inset into the kneeboard. These are wonderful pianos with a very big, rich sound. As usual, this one will get the works -- new strings, hammers, dampers, keybed felts, bridle straps. I'm excited about working on this one-- my last Wing & Son was about two years ago. If you are looking for a wonderful old upright, that will be a conversation piece as well as a fine instrument, you won't do better than this one. $4200.

Willis SOLD. Canadian piano. Small upright with bench. This one makes a good starter piano. Nice sound. Has a mended leg, but otherwise the case is average+. Ivory keys. $850.

Prescott. c. 1900. SOLD. Made in Concord, N.H. Very nice looking. (Haven't had time for pictures yet.) Medium brown wood. Very good shape, nice carving on the music panel. I haven't run across this brand before, but now that I have it and have had the time to really go over it, I find it to be an exceptionally well built piano. The tone is excellent. The hammers are still quite good and the dampers are new. I will be restringing the piano to get rid of the old and dull strings and sprucing up the action a bit. It has a full and perfect ivory keyboard. This is an opportunity to get a first class piano at less than the normal price. This one is priced at $2200.

Ivers & Pond- 1903 SN: 31553 SOLD. Another great Ivers & Pond. I haven't been able to get my hands on one for a while. This one will also get the full treatment. The case is a really nice one -- ornate and the finish is not crackled. The music desk is particularly handsome. The ivories are wonderful. If you notice that there are only 2 pedals, you are right. I have a matching set which will be installed. I've never seen a piano with a missing left pedal. This piano is at the top of the Ivers & Pond line. No expense was spared when they built this one. There are some small dings and scratches on the surface, no chunks missing. This is touch up I can handle. Price $3300 with new strings, hammers, dampers, key bushings, and anything else it needs.

Lester -- 1924 SOLD. Good solid piano. Mission style case with a lot of dings, some of which will be gone. Makes a good starter piano. Case is average condition. I bought it because I liked the sound. The case will win no prizes. But, early Lesters are nice pianos and are still sought after by a number of folks. Keytops will be new. Good strong sound. $800. If I deliver, it will cost $75.

Mehlin. SOLD. This is a very nice piano--mission style case. Mehlins are a cut above the standard American upright. Very well made and with a clean, clear sound. I've now had a chance to look it over, and I will be giving this one new keytops. But it's a good piano and will serve you well. This picture is more representative of the case finish. Altogether a pretty clean piano. $1350.

Knabe -- 1903. SOLD. This is a name many of you will recognize--and for a good reason. Knabe made wonderful pianos. The only thing unfortunate about this one is that the keyboard is not ivory, sigh. The lines are very elegant, with round legs and a nice border in the music desk. The back on this is also beautiful! This will have new strings, hammers, dampers, the works. $2950.

Adam Schaff- 1921 SOLD. Very nice high-end starter piano. Misson style oak cabinet. The keyboard is a mess, so it will have all new keytops. Will also have new treble dampers, new hammers, and keybed felts. You can see a close up of the wood in the music desk. On the right side of the piano there a some chips in the veneer in the lower half. If this is the side that goes near a wall, they will hardly be noticed. The construction is sound. $1300 in my area.

Wing & Son SOLD This is a four pedal version with the harpsichord attachment. Wing & Son is one of my five favorite makes. The ivories are perfect on this one and it will get the full treatment of new strings, hammers, dampers, etc. The sound on these pianos is huge, magnificent. The bass is rolling thunder if you want! This is the third one I have had my hands on. The piano is structurally sound with a mission style case, dark, but in fairly good shape (It will not disgrace your living room.). And, besides, even if it were a mess, when it was played nobody would care what it looked like anyway! Also has the original bench. $3300.

Decker Bros. New York, 1895 -- #26984 SOLDThis is a splendid piano. I was hoping this would turn out to be something in the $1,700-$2000 range, but it isn't. Even though there is a lot of felt on the hammers, it is pulling away from the cores. So, it will not only get new strings and dampers, but hammers a well. Beautiful ivory on this one. Only 4 keytops will need replacing and I can match them exactly. The music desk is an unusual design and in perfect working order. This piano has an open pinblock and the tenor section has separate pressure points for each unison. The action is in really good condition, which, along with the amount of felt on the hammers leads me to think that it has not been played all that much in its lifetime. This piano is definitely their top of the line instrument. The keys are reinforced on the bottoms like those on Ivers & Pond pianos. A different method is used, but the hard wood has been added to protect and strenghten the balance point of the key. If you are looking for a classic, turn of the century instrument, this certainly qualifies. Nice big sound. I'm really going to enjoy this one! $2650 delivered in my area. Free tuning included.

Meister Chicago SOLD Fairly nice looking piano with complete bas relief wreaths on the music board. This piano sounds good but it needs a lot of minor repairs and a couple of real time-consuming ones (more than I thought when I bought it). This piano can be ready within a couple of weeks after you buy it. One of the major things is that it needs all new keytops, so it will not have an ivory keyboard, but it will be a lovely looking keyboard. This will definitely be a higher end starter piano. But, then again, it won't disgrace your living room :) The least I can sell this for is $1200 and that just gives me a break even with parts and labor. There is a matching stool, but if you don't want that, I'm willing to keep it and take $100 off. Area delivery included and a half-price first tuning. Meisters are good average uprights, similar to Kohler & Campbells or Cables. Sturdy workhorses.

Hallet Davis -- 1890. SOLD. Oak. This is a splendid piano by one of my top three favorite makers. Open bird's eye maple block, beautiful ivory. Will have new strings, hammers, dampers and anything else I can find to do to it. This will be a joy to work on and a wonder to own when it is done. The hammer rest rail has gorgeous designs with calligraphic swashes. If you are thinking of a piano for Christmas that will become a part of your family--take a look at this one. Here's a close up of the music desk area and the color is very accurate here. The color is a little off on this front view. And the back--they don't build them like this any more! Delivery in my area included. $2900.

Emerson c. 1893--SOLD
(Have a look.) This is a gem of a piano. Unique in that it is only 50" high. Most old uprights are 55" to 58". The cabinet is in great (beautiful) shape (rosewood) with only a few minor blemishes. There are only 2 chipped keys which will be replaced with old ivory so the keyboard will be a beautiful full ivory keyboard. The music desk is three panels of open carving which once had silk behind them. I will be replacing with satin. The sound is fantasic. Old Emersons are great pianos and this one is that perfect combination of elegance and sound. With new strings, hammers, and dampers, this will be a piano to last through generations. Old prights of this size are extremely rare, and in this condition, almost unheard of. $3400, delivered in my area. This piano is a must see! Finished, it will look very much like the Heintzman, only in the darker Rosewood.

Ivers & Pond- 1919 SOLD Very nice high-end starter piano. Misson style cabinet. Some keytop fronts are not ivory. Very mellow sounding with a nice warm bass. This piano can be ready within a couple of weeks. I've put about a day's work in already and it needs another. And, of course, Ivers & Ponds are one of my five favorite pianos.$950.

Strich & Zeidler- 1890 - SOLD Very nice mid-range piano. Black satin lacquer. Ornate case in excellent condition. No pictures yet, but eventually! Beautiful ivories. Much work recently done on this piano and more to be done by me. Open work on music panel backed by red cloth. Wonderful sound. Very nice high-end starter piano. $1300.

Winter--1938. Spinet. SOLD This is a spinet with all wooden parts and with beautiful ivory keys. I'll be working on it later this spring. It has a nice style of cabinet, though it is not in the best of shape. Nothing major, just a lot of dings. And, as spinets go, it even has a pretty good sound. If you need a spinet, this would be a serious contender. $875 delivered in my area. Here's another view.

Ivers & Pond SOLD 1913. This is very nice high-end starter piano. Needs some bridge work, dampers, hammer filing, and regulation. Nice case with restrained decoration.. Nice ivory keyboard, agraffes throughout. This is one of my top three favorite makes. It will get new bass strings and the price will be $1500. The cabinet is in excellent shape and the ivories are perfect.

Meister Chicago -- 1908. SOLD. Light oak. Ready to go! Someone has cleaned all the old varnish off and the piano is really nice. It's light color--some kind of oak. You can ignore the blue top, because it won't be there long! Here's a closeup of the music desk. The internals in this piano are really quite nice. The keyboard however, is a mess. This will have new keytops throughout, not ivory, but they will look and feel really nice. At some time in the past, a technician put on new bass strings. This piano has a great, strong sound. There will be a repair to the bass bridge, new keytops, and the lid resuscitation, all of which will put the price of this one at $975. This does include delivery and a half-price first tuning in my area.

Steinway & Sons--1927. SOLD. Small upright, Model V, pre-cursor to the Model K. I've had this for a while and have been thinking about it. Now I've come to a decision. I am going to repair the bass bridge. Put on new treble dampers, file the hammers, regulate it, tune it, and sell it. The keys are perfect and original, but they are not ivory. The case is evenly alligatored all over. So it looks pretty strange. If you are into refinishing--this is your chance to "make about $1600". The price is $2800. Refinished, this would sell for between $4,000 and $4,500. It does have a great sound. That almost goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. If you would like it restrung, which someday it should be, you can add $1700 to the price. Delivered in my area. And, in my area, free tuning within the first three months.

Everett Studio--circa 1965. SOLD Internals are in good shape--strings, dampers, action. It came from a school and I know that it was well tended to as far as the insides go. However! the case is not. If you are looking for a decent musical instrument in fine working order and can live with the case, this is a very good deal. $550 and delivered in my area. At this price I can't include a free tuning! This piano is done and ready to be delivered.

Kingsbury--1920. SOLD Very nice looking piano. All the old, dark finished has been removed and the wood is natural and unfinished. Clean lines. Great sound. Not an ivory keyboard, but it has been redone by a professional and looks super. Nice strong sound on this piano. $1150, delivered in my area.

Gulbransen SOLD-- very nice looking small piano. Doesn't have an ivory keyboard, but then, that's common on the lower end of things. This piano I would describe as a high end starter piano. Price is $975 (delivered in my area.) Finish is excellent. Medium mahogany with nice grain showing. I like the Gulbransen sound--that was the kind of piano I learned on for eight years. It's nice and bright and clean. This piano is much shorter than what you normally think of when you think of uprights. There is a matching bench with this one! Francis Bacon-- SOLD Very nice sounding piano. Case is in pretty good condition too. Keys not all ivory, but keyboard looks good. New bridle straps, filed hammers. This is a very good starter piano. $850 delivered (in my area).

Hensel by Hardman Peck 1908 -- SOLD Excellent piano--case is in remarkably good condition. Very nice sound. It will have new dampers, filed hammers, etc. This is a medium sized upright. Grain still showing under a nice finish. Hardman Peck made good quality pianos for many years. It has been refinished to a light, golden-warm mahogany (very nice job). There is a matching bench. $1300. Free delivery in my area. Half-price first tuning included. This will be a good piano for many years to come.

Heintzman & Co. c. 1887--SOLD
This is a beautiful piano--mahogany with still clear finish. Very ornate and intact music desk. Full ivory keyboard. I will be doing a complete restringing job, filing hammers, replacing bridle straps, and rebushing the keys. The price for this gem will be $2800, which will include delivery in this area and a free tuning within the first three months after delivery. Heintzman, Toronto, Canada, made excellent pianos. This one was made while the founder (Theodore Heintzman) was still running the company, which was-- for almost a century--the premier Canadian piano company. Unlike the early days of Steinway where they paid concert artists a hefty stipend to use their pianos, Heintzman did not. They were good enough to be requested by the musicians themselves for no remuneration. Check out pictures the finished piano.

Henry F. Miller 1908-- SOLD
This is a fine piano, but, unfortunately the case is only average. The internals are still in pretty good shape, and there is a full ivory keyboard. I've decided to sell this one as a starter piano. This means it will be in good working order, and tuned when you get it. In a couple of years, if it is played regularly, you might want to get new dampers. This is not a big job. What this means is that I can sell it now for $475 if you move it. $575 if I deliver it in the Fairfax/St. Albans area. If the case were in better shape, I would give it the full treatment and this piano would go for about $1600 or $1700. So, if you are in the market for a good starter piano, you've found it! And, at this price, I can't afford to offer a free tuning. (It will of course be in tune when you receive it!)

SOLD The second is a 1916 Hallet Davis, 5'3" baby grand. I previously thought the case on this one was in pretty crummy condition, but, in fact, with a little work, it turns out to be rather nice. If your tastes are rustic/country/antique/comfortable/eclectic, this piano will fit right in AND, as a musical instrument, this one is great. It will get the full treatment also. This piano will require a fair amount of case work, but it is worth it. When it's done, this will be a prize, and therefore will be priced accordingly. My guess is somewhere in the $5100 - 5400 range. Hallet Davis (the original Hallet Davis company!) is one of my favorite piano makers. (I have an HD upright player that unfortunately for my shop space, I will never sell. I love it too much. It would fill Carnegie Hall and spill out into the streets. So, I have to live with it because I can't bear to part with it.) If you are even slightly thinking about acquiring a baby grand, you won't do better than this one. The construction is a thing of beauty and strength. I can't wait to start working on this one.

Wurlitzer Spinet-- SOLD
Don't usually deal in spinets, but took this one in anyway. Cabinet is a little worse for the wear. Light color. Some cloth pulled away in the center strip of the bottom panel. Is in working order. Good for starter piano. $750. AND, it has a bench. Very unusual to have the bench as well! If the cabinet were in great shape, would go for about $1000. It has been played very little in its lifetime. If you are looking for a spinet, this will do just fine. I have a lot of spinets among my tuning customers, and of them, I like the Wurlitzers the best. Delivery is included in the Fairfax/St. Albans/Milton/Enosburg area. At this price, delivery further than that will incur a bit of a charge--$30 for Burlington, for example. Will be tuned when delivered, but at this price I can't swallow a free tuning!

Here are images of a few of the pianos sold before I started keeping this list on the web:

Several Ivers & Pond - here's a picture of one of them.
Haines Bros.
Several Wing and Sons - one was of the five-pedal variety.
Everett console
Cable Nelson
Bush & Gertz
R.S. Williams
Schubert Baby Grand
Stodart Baby Grand

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