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The images here are rarely seen. This is a part of the piano usually only visible when the action is out of the piano. What's on the plate is one clue to the nature of the maker. A rule of thumb with these old fellers is, "If the name of the maker isn't cast into the plate, don't buy it!"

The plates shown here remind us of an era of craftsmanship and pride that, with a very few exceptions worldwide, is no longer in existence.

This page will grow as I come across them. To see larger images, click on the small ones.
cover This Decker Bros. plate is really flashy and is the one which got me thinking about collecting images of these unseen gems. The granddaughter of David Decker bought this one from Clair's Piano Service.

cover This plate is from a little known maker, Strich & Zeidler, of really fine pianos. And, the second image is a close up of the same plate. cover

cover This is from an 1894 Chickering.

cover This is from another 1895 Decker Bros. This piano was made for David Decker, one of the Decker Bros.

cover This is the plate of a Hallet Davis, and is shown here with the new strings in place.

Mehlin PlateThis page contains several images of the plate of a 1926 Mehlin upright. The plate is unusual in that it is 4 inches above the soundboard. The bridges are correspondingly deep.

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