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    Old Uprights The heyday of American pianos was in the first quarter of this century. Hundreds of thousands were made each year. It was a boom business and like all boom businesses there were shady practices and cutthroat tactics.

But in the midst of it all, some fine pianos were made. Fine pianos for regular folks. If you want a piano that is a musical instrument and a piece of history, you want an "old upright".

That term is used by most people thinking it describes either the piano they have or the piano they want. Well, that's just the beginning. To become again a musical instrument worthy of someone to play, or someone to learn on, the piano needs to have been a good one to start with. Even then, if the piano has been badly treated during its life, it may not be worth fixing. But if it has just experienced the vicissitudes of a normal life, it should be able to be brought to life again in all its former glory. I specialize in pianos made between 1890 and 1930 and know what to look for, and how to fix problems when I find them.
  • if the strings are so rusty they break when being tuned, they can be replaced
  • if the bass strings are also bad (rust), a new set can be copied from the old ones
  • if the keys are loose and wobbly, their felt bushings can be replaced
  • if the surface of the keys is bad, or many of the ivories are gone, new keytops can be installed
  • many repairs to the action are minor, and replacement parts can be obtained, or I can make new ones
  • faulty pedal action can be refurbished
  • any missing felts can be replaced
  • hard, clangy dampers can be replaced
If you are interested in a getting a piano. Call me. I can help find one that will definitely improve the quality of your life! It may take a little time, but the wait will be worth it. Visit the next page to find out how the process of finding a piano for you works.

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