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Clair Dunn, Fletcher, Vermont 849.2747
Associate Member, Piano Technicians Guild

    My Favorite Piano Player I first I first heard Marcia Ball on an Austin City Limits tribute to Walter Hyatt who was killed in the ValueJet crash in Florida a few years ago. I was blown away. Then she came to Burlington (Higher Ground) last year and I went. Incredible. Sounds like 6 people playing the piano. Close your eyes and the sound washes over you and then soaks through to your heart.

If you only get one CD at first, get "Blue House". She writes most of her own stuff and she's out of the Louisiana/Texas blues/honkytonk tradition but definitely in a class by herself. Here's a link to Blue House at amazon.com.

Visit her site, get some CDs and dream about playing the piano like she does; it's great for making you want to practice AND it's good for your soul.

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