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    About Your Piano

Since I am in the process of retiring and directing my efforts elsewhere, you can check out this link for information on possible values of similar pianos:


You can also surf around on that site for more helpful information.

If you decide that you want to have a professional evaluation. Check your phone book for piano technicians. Better yet, if you have friends with pianos, check with them for a technician recommendation. Word of mouth is always best!

If you already have a piano that you like, and given that we live in New England--one of the worst places in the world for pianos--you might want to consider having a Dampp-Chaser® installed. These really work--they keep the piano at a constant relative humidity, winter and summer. They are truly amazing and will add years of life to your piano. Additionally, if you are someone who only has their piano tuned once a year, a Dampp-Chaser® will ease your ears over the seasonal change! Approximate cost of an installation for an upright is usually about $270. Systems for grands and some Steinway verticals cost more.

If you are thinking of selling your piano, I can tell you this: pianos which are in tune will sell better. After all, one of the major questions for the buyer has been answered--can this piano be tuned?

Click here to learn how to do a minimal appraisal of your piano yourself.

Amadeus Pianos in New York has a nice page of information. You can read it by clicking here.

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