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Clair Dunn, Fletcher, Vermont 849.2747
Associate Member, Piano Technicians Guild

    Good Things you can do for your Piano Above all, get it tuned at least once a year. Tuning is not only for the sound of the piano, but for its structural health as well. Pianos were designed to carry high tension (around 20 tons for a big old upright). When they are let go and not tuned for years, that tension drops and the wood has more room to respond to the changes in humidity. And, New England is one of the worst places in the world for pianos.

We have wicked hot and humid summers. And then the heat comes on in October and we dry out terribly for the next six months. The wood in the piano is constantly expanding and contracting in response to these changes. Keeping it tuned helps counteract this to some degree.

And, if you have a piano that is already in good shape, and you want to keep it that way, the best thing you can do is get a Dampp-Chaser® system installed. It really does work. It maintains the humidity of the piano between 38% and 42% RH. These systems cost a bit, but they are really worth it. I love it when I go to tune a piano that has one of these installed.

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