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    Finding a Piano for You First we assume by the fact that you've called, you want an old upright or small grand in good-sounding, playable condition. Then we talk about the price range you are looking for. (Generally the range is $800 to $1900 for uprights that have not been completely reconditioned and $2500-$3500 for those that have had everything done to them. The cost of moving to any location within the towns listed above is included in the price.) Outside of Franklin, Lamoille, Chittenden, and Grand Isle counties there will be a slight surcharge (not more than $50).

Then I let you know if I have any possibilities that you can look at immediately. If not, I start looking and inspecting. When I have a likely prospect, I call you with a firm estimate of what your cost will be. If you are happy, then I start working on your piano. Depending on initial condition, and my current workload, you could expect to have your piano in anywhere from two weeks to two months.

In the meantime! I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of Larry Fine's The Piano Book. It will educate you about pianos and about what to look for when you are buying a used one. It is a gold mine of invaluable information and will make you and intelligent buyer. In the end, you will get a better piano because you've studied this book. This is a link to the book at amazon.com. Enjoy!

If I have to look for pianos, that time is not so predictable. Could be that in as little a week I find one. A month or two is more likely. Unfortunately, that's the part over which I have no control. Also, consider that it may or may not have bench or stool. Even if it did, a lot of owners will choose not to sell it with the piano. A basic old-fashioned piano stool costs about $170. An artist bench about $335.

Occasionally I will get in a piano that is okay as it is as far as playability goes. Generally these are starter pianos, and often the case is not great. I can sell these on an "as is" basis for a whole lot less--$500-$600--delivery and free tuning are not included. If you want me to deliver it, add another $100.

That's about the size of it. Give me a call or send me email. I love finding and working on these pianos. And, you will get a good piano that you will be happy with for years. And, keep in mind that when the piano is situated in your house, I tune it at that time for no extra charge (with the exception of "starter pianos"). Of course I will have tuned it in my shop, so this one is just a touch up tuning.

If you find one, and want to know if it's worth buying, call me for an appraisal.

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