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    Preserving Your Piano If you have a piano now that is in good shape and you want to maintain that condition for as long as possible, I strongly recommend getting a Dampp-Chaser® installed.

They really do work.

This is a system that maintains the piano at a constant relative humidity. It dries it out in the summer when the humidity is high and moisturizes it during the winter when our houses here in northern New England are as dry as a bone.

One of the nicest things that happens is that the normal drop in pitch that occurs in late October, early November when our furnaces are turned on, is lessened to a very great degree. This is because the wood in the piano is stabilized by the regulation of the the Relative Humidity and does not expand and contract to the degree that it does when left to its own devices.

It is this yearly expansion and contraction which wears a piano down. A Dampp-Chaser® will hold your piano's structure and condition pretty much where it is when you install it. So, if you have a good piano and you want it to continue on in your family, you really should consider having this system installed. The cost, with installation, in my area is about $270 for an upright--grand systems are more.

There is a wealth of information about the effects of humidity changes on the piano in Larry Fine's The Piano Book. It will also educate you about pianos and give you a real appreciation for this large and complex object in your living room. This is a link to the book at amazon.com. Enjoy!

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