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Clair Dunn, Fletcher, Vermont 849.2747

Associate Member, Piano Technicians Guild

    I Want Pianos
I'm always looking for originally good old uprights. Again, case is a major factor in price. If the piano looks good, I'll give you $30 - $100 and carefully and professionally move it out. (In the Milton, St. Albans, Fairfax, Enosburgh, Cambridge area.) The high end of price is for Wing and Son, Hallet Davis, Ivers and Pond, and Chickering. Old uprights with dead pinblocks are dead pianos as far as I'm concerned. The work to replace a pinblock in an upright is too extensive to be able to make it back in the selling price. Also if the piano is really dead and you are seeing firewood--let me know--if it's old enough I'd be interested in rescuing the keys and maybe even the action for spare parts before you junk it.

Some of the names I prefer: Ivers & Pond, Wing & Son, Gulbransen, Emerson, McPhail, Hallet Davis, Milton, Chickering, Kohler & Campbell, Haines Bros, Cable. But, often there are ones I've never come across that turn out to be real gems. Again, get the serial number. On these old fellers, it will be inside, up at the top near the tuning pins. (Just lift the lid and shine a flashlight around in there.)

I am also sometimes looking for small grands that are dead. In other words, they won't hold a tune and are in need of a new pinblock. Or they need a lot of action work, or the keyboard is a mess. Or, heaven forbid, you just want to get rid of the thing. My taking a piano depends on whether I have room in my shop at the moment, and on the following:

I will pay up to $400 for a small dead grand with a very good case. The prices go down from there depending on case condition. I prefer ones from the 1920s. (Get the serial number--it's usually visible if you slide the music desk back towards the back of the piano.)

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