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    Appraisals / Inspections This page contains information no longer useful because I no longer offer an appraisal service. But there are some bits and pieces that are general enough to be somewhat helpful, so I've left it up.

No technician can anything for insurance purposes without seeing the piano. Nothing beats an on-site inspection by a local technician.

For folks in my area that I can get to, I can go over the piano and explain to you what absolutely needs doing, what ought to be done, and what it would be nice to do, and give very accurate written estimates of the costs. I have to make a guess at the probability of string breakage, because current owners will not be happy if we test a few strings and they break! They will usually let us take off the front panels to get a better look at the action and the trapwork, but that's about it.

The age of most pianos can be determined with the assistance of a book that dates pianos by their serial numbers.

As to the case, forget it, unless it has been painted, you really shouldn't care too much about that. The playability and tone of the piano is what counts. A lot of minor scratches, bumps, dents, can be fixed up a bit with various standard furniture repair supplies. Keep in mind that by the time you are 80 to 100 years old, you will have quite a few scratches, bumps, and dents! And you know that doesn't reflect what's on the inside!

Local appraisal prices are based on distance I have to travel. Within a half hour of my shop the cost is $45. Then it jumps to $50, $60. For instance, Williston, Burlington, South Burlington would be $60. Colchester and Richford would be $55. St. Albans, Milton, Georgia, and Fairfax would be $45. If you decide to give me the work it needs, I only charge half the appraisal cost.

If you are in my area, you can always call me to ask about a piano you have seen. There is no charge for that. Click here to learn how to appraise the piano yourself.

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