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about Old Upright Pianos.

   I am no longer taking on new customers.
   I strongly recommend that you call Rose Kinnick, RPT in Highgate: 802-598-3385.

   Clair Dunn, Fletcher, Vermont

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AND we turned up
in South Africa!!!

NOTE: I am leaving this site up for the information it contains,
but it is now a static site. I am retired from the piano business
and have gone back into graphic design and photography.

NOTE ALSO: If you find a page that says I do anything at all
with pianos--ignore that information. This was a highly interwoven web site, and I haven't had time to totally cleanse it! My sincere apologies. Of course, if you would like a web site for
    for your line of work, visit VT2000 for expert web site design..
And do judge my skills by this site! I have not changed
it in nine years! Except of course to add new information along the way.

SPECIAL SALE: 1 accordion in great shape. Full-sized Chordovox.
Wonderful Musette. $400. Call for more information!

For new pianos and for used consoles & spinets, contact
Roby's Piano Shop, St. Albans at 802.527.7405 or Roby's Piano Shop.

If you are looking to make finding a piano your
hobby for a few months, I would strongly suggest
that you get a copy of Larry Fine's The Piano Book.
It will educate you about pianos and about what to look
for when you are buying a used one. It is a gold
mine of invaluable information and will make you
an intelligent buyer. In the end, you will get a
better piano because you've studied this book.
This is a link to the book at Enjoy!

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