Useful Pattern Book

by Clair Dunn
The name of the book is The Nashville Bass Pattern but don't let the name make you think it's confined to CW players--although I intend to be one someday :).

Although it is a pattern book, unlike all other pattern books I've seen, this one has only one pattern. And it works. After just a few minutes of reading and looking I was able to move around the entire fretboard and play any scale in any mode. And, I understood what I was doing! There is also included a diagram of the scale note numbers keyed into the pattern, making it very easy to learn the chord notes.

If you already know the whole board and are an experienced bass player, you don't need this book. But, if you are in the first year or two and still working on different positions, check this book out. It might very well save you a bunch of time. It certainly has given me a shot in the arm. (If you want to learn modes fast--get this book.)

There are now (11/06) more pattern books besides Bass and Guitar: Viola, Violin (fiddle), Cello, Mandolin. All books have a removeable card which makes using the book even easier.
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