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I will try to write the next chapters in the following weeks. However, there are my children, and my bass, and my car, and my parents, and my effect processor, and my undone dishes, and the dirty windows, and ... STOP!!!

But I promised also to give some links and places to find more information. If it gets too serious try this page

Useful links

Right at the start: postings to The Bottom Line ... not especially sorted, not only chord  but all bass contents. However, should provide information for the beginning (and advanced) low enders.

Beginning theory Carol Kaye
Theory Carol Kaye
Stacking triads Carol Kaye
Interpreting chord charts Carol Kaye
"Four", majors to minors Carol Kaye
Creating good lines Carol Kaye
Creating good walking bass lines Carol Kaye
Walking Bass Carol Kaye
Creating good rock-funk lines Carol Kaye
Swinging on el.bass Carol Kaye
PS from Carol Kaye (teachers, practising etc) Carol Kaye
Rhythm lines, metronome and singing/playing Carol Kaye
Ear training, chordal movements Carol Kaye
Chordal Groupings, Rhythms Carol Kaye
Soloing Carol Kaye
Practise and fingering Carol Kaye
Feelings, instinct and concentration Carol Kaye
Metronome use and theory Carol Kaye
Correction on 2&4 Carol Kaye
More picking Carol Kaye
Finger exercises from Carol Kaye Carol Kaye
Roger in NZ, bass chordal stuff CK Carol Kaye
From CK (various chordal playing things) Carol Kaye
And conversely, CK (rock-pop-funk pattern) Carol Kaye
Warm-up, CK Carol Kaye

Re: Walking, What She Said, What He said David Wozmak
Carol's Credits and Practice ideas
chords and scales Lauren R. Brown
Chordal playing Kevin Johnsrude
These Boring Roots Marco Accattatis
Re: Those boring roots matt kendrick
Triads/approach patterns on Dom7th and beyond Kevin Johnsrude
No 10th on suspended chords! Mark Falchook
Re: Rootless Voicings Marco Accattatis
Rootless voicings (an approach) David Gross

Sites with chord information

Guitar Lesson Of The Week from a defunct mailing list, very good lessons!
Also highly recommended for bass players.
Guitar.NET with Gawain Reifsmyder's chord archives
Music101 Chord finder and chord schemes

Sites with strong bass contents

Harmony Central A very complete resource, you will find
everything else via this link
BassLobster With slapping lessons
Bass Gear Review User reports on instruments, amps and more
Home Bass Another rich link collection

This should be enough for the start ...

Happy slapping,